Province Administration

Leonard Chiti

Fr Leonard Chiti, SJ


The Provincial has been appointed by Fr General to exercise cura personalis and cura apostolica over the men and works of the Southern Africa Province. This means that he is responsible for well-being of all Jesuits of the Province or working in the Province, and it is he who will mission them to various apostolic works, both within and outside the Province. He is also ultimately responsible for the carrying out of our mission in Southern Africa, through common apostolic discernment and the placement of personnel and resources.

The Socius is the chief assistant of the Provincial. His responsibility is to support the Major Superior as his confidant. He is also the person who oversees the communications of the Major Superior with Father General, Jesuit communities, and other individuals, as well as oversee the management of the Province office. He is also a consultor to the Provincial and ordinarily acts as Admonitor to him.

Virgílio da Costa

Fr Antonio Virgílio Oliveira e Costa, SJ


Province Consultors

Consultors provide advice and counsel regarding important matters, such as the major problems that he may be confronted with. They propose for discussion topics for the common good or for particular persons. They assist the Major Superior by providing support as well as critical feedback. They will also write to Father General annually or as required on the state of the Province or  on specific questions that the General of the Society has requested information on. They can be considered “co-discerners” with the Provincial regarding matters of personnel and apostolates. The consultors of the Province are:

Fr Augusto César Pedro Jó

Fr Augusto César Pedro Jó SJ

Province Consultor

Emmanuel Nshimbi

Fr Emmanuel Nshimbi, SJ

Province Consultor


Fr Russell Pollitt, SJ

Province Consultor

Virgílio da Costa

Fr Antonio Virgílio Oliveira e Costa SJ

Province Consultor

Province Officials

Fr Isaac-El Fernandes

Fr Isaac-el J. Fernandes, SJ



Fr Matthew Charlesworth, SJ

Communications Director

Country Delegates

Terry Mutesha
Fr Terry Mutesha, SJ


Virgílio Domingos
Fr Virgílio Domingos, SJ


Thomas Plastow
Fr Thomas Plastow, SJ

South Africa

Fr Andrew Simpasa, SJ


Lawrence Daka
Fr Lawrence Daka, SJ



Ministries Commission

The Ministries Commission’s main function is to help in the planning of the development of our various apostolic efforts, as well as to coordinate and promote cross-sectoral collaboration across the different sectors. It also helps the Provincial get an overview of the health of the mission of the province, both within a particular sector and across the province as a whole. The commission also contributes as needed to the communal discernment of the apostolic life of the Province regarding the taking up or withdrawing from particular apostolic works as well as the planning of joint action to be taken by some or all of the sectors.

Sector Delegates

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