Finance Commission

Current Chair: Fr Isaac-El Joseph Fernandes, SJ.

The Treasurer assists the Provincial in exercising his responsibility for the care and administration of the assets of the Society of Jesus. The Finance Commission provides advice and support to the Province Treasurer in his mission. When fully constituted it will consist of the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, the Country Finance Officers, the Revisor of Financial Administration (an external auditor) and any other qualified person who would be able to offer needed expertise to the Treasurer. He is also supported in his work by an investment committee, and a property manager.

The members of the commission are:

  • Ms Dumoluhle Dube
  • Fr Isaac-el Joseph Fernandes, SJ
  • Mr Emmanuel Khoza
  • Ms Marianna Marques
  • Ms Barbara Muchimba
  • Mr Peter Parichi

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