Pastoral Commission

Current Chair: Fr Bboloka Elias Nchimunya, SJ.

Pastoral ministry is a key apostolate of the province and through this apostolate we participate in the goals of the local church, in the Jesuit Province and in the mission of the global Society of Jesus. The delegate is to be a resource person for the sector, running workshops on Ignatian Characteristics, and doing other formation work in the sector. He is supported in his work by a commission that represents different countries, as well as country commissions that represent all of the pastoral works in a country.

The members of the commission are:

  • Fr Ernesto Miguel Graciano, SJ
  • Fr Andrew Mtamira, SJ
  • Fr Hector Mukwato, SJ
  • Fr Nobert Munekani, SJ
  • Fr Ignatius Munyoro, SJ
  • Fr Francis Terry Mwando Mutesha, SJ
  • Fr Bboloka Elias Nchimunya, SJ

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