Health and Ageing Commission

Current Chair: Fr Heribert Müller, SJ.

This commission seeks to promote wellness in all Jesuits through education around diet, exercise and lifestyle choices. It also oversees the provision of appropriate healthcare to all Jesuits, in particular to those Jesuits who have retired from active ministry and are living in one of the retirement homes or in assisted living facilities. When a Jesuit passes on the funerals committee, which is part of this commission, will ensure that family members are part of the process of saying farewell to the deceased in the most appropriate manner possible.

The members of the commission are:

  • Fr Ernesto Miguel Graciano, SJ
  • Fr Emmanuel Gurumombe, SJ
  • Fr Nigel Johnson, SJ
  • Fr Vincent B. Mulenga, SJ
  • Fr Heribert Müller, SJ

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