Intellectual Apostolate Commission

Current Chair: Fr Wilfred M. Sumani, SJ.

There are many men in our province who teach in a university or formation center, or who engaged in the work of reflection in one of our social centers. This intellectual apostolate is essential for us if we wish to attain the depth spoken of by previous generals of the Society in any of our ministries. This commission is both a platform for those involved in this sector, as well as an advisory group to the Provincial on which academic works need to be supported by the selection and formation of new members.

The members of the commission are:

  • Fr Stephen Buckland, SJ
  • Fr Virgilio Arimateia Domingos, SJ
  • Fr Anthony Egan, SJ
  • Fr Felix K. Mwewa, SJ
  • Fr Wilfred M. Sumani, SJ
  • Fr Dominic Tomuseni, SJ

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