Social Apostolate & Environmental Justice Commission

Current Chair: Fr Rampeoane Hlobo, SJ.

The Social Apostolate & Environmental Justice Commission is a large umbrella that encompasses all works of the Society whose purpose is the eradicating all social and environmental injustices that force many to live in poverty and continue to destroy our common home. Rooted in Faith that does justice and Ignatian spirituality, the Social Apostolate comes together with others to collaboratively protect human dignity and our common home by challenging all violations of human rights and ecologically detrimental activities.

The members of the commission are:

  • Fr Joaquim Lucas Biriate, SJ
  • Fr Paulo César Gaspar, SJ
  • Fr Rampeoane Hlobo, SJ
  • Fr Anold Jacob Moyo, SJ
  • Fr Gregory Mulobela, SJ
  • Fr Andrew Simpasa, SJ

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