Fostering mission and apostolic preferences

Fr General’s visit to the Southern Africa Province

Father General’s presence in the Southern Africa Province (SAP) continues with his address to the Jesuits of the SAP on the occasion of the first-ever Province Assembly. The Province, created by a decree signed by the General on 8 June 2020, covers South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana, eSwatini, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Father General’s address, in Lusaka, Zambia, was a moment of profound inspiration. He spoke of the challenges and triumphs of the Jesuit mission globally, underscoring the unique role that each Province plays in the larger tapestry of the Society. His words resonated with a deep sense of spirituality and commitment, encouraging the SAP Province to embrace its unique callings and challenges with resilience and fidelity. One of the central themes of Father General’s address was the Jesuit mission. He emphasized the importance of staying true to the mission of the Society, which is grounded in the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola. The members of the SAP Province were reminded of their call to collaboration which is at the core of the Jesuit identity, of their mission to community life and our Jesuit character of being men of a faith that does justice in a world that, evidently, has pressing needs for justice.

Moreover, Fr Sosa highlighted the apostolic preferences of the SAP Province and examined them in light of the significance of the Universal Apostolic Preferences set forth by the Society to shape the engagement of the Society of Jesus with the world. The General’s talk encouraged the SAP Province to align its efforts with these preferences, focusing on areas such as promoting our spirituality and the Spiritual Exercises, walking with the excluded, journeying with the youth, caring for our common home, promoting a culture of safeguarding, and working for a synodal Church, among others. Father General’s address served as a catalyst for introspection, prompting the members of the SAP to reflect on their personal journeys as well as on the collective mission of the Province. Following his address, Father General brought the two-day Province Assembly to a close with the Eucharist during which six members of the Province pronounced their final vows of final incorporation into the Society. Fr Sosa had arrived in Zambia on 12 December and set out visiting the Kasisi Agricultural Training Center. Established in 1974 by the Jesuits, the Center focuses on improving the livelihood of Zambian farmers, especially small-scale farmers, through the promotion of sustainable organic Agriculture. KATC offers a diploma in Agroecology to prepare graduates for innovative food production in response to the environmental, social, and economic challenges faced by farmers.

He also presided at Mass with the presence of lay collaborators network at the Parish Church of the Kasisi Mission. This mission is central to the birth of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lusaka and it was started by the first Jesuits of the then Zambia-Malawi Province. He thanked and encouraged the partners-in-mission and invited them never stop praying for the Society.

The General’s visit to Zambia also saw him make a visit at the St Francis Xavier Jesuit Novitiate of the SAP Province, where he met with the novices, shared a meal with them and entertained their questions about the Society and its mission in the world. He also met with some of the “elder” Jesuits living in Chula House – one of the infirmaries of the Province.

As the SAP Province moves forward, it does so with a renewed sense of purpose, guided by the wisdom and vision imparted by Fr Sosa whose visit not only strengthened the bonds within the Province but also served as a catalyst for renewed dedication to the mission and the apostolic preferences.

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