St Martin de Porres Parish, Orlando West, Soweto

Johannesburg, South Africa

The story of St Martin is intimately linked with the beginnings of the township of Soweto, which was formed in 1904.

The Great Depression of the 1930 saw more and more people migrating to the city in search of work and the city council set aside an area near Klipspruit and a new township called Orlando came into existence. The township was named after Edwin Orlando Leak who was the city councillor at the time.

In 1946, Blessed Martin came into existence when Fr Albert Vandenbussche OMI acquired a piece of land and asked Bishop O’Leary for permission to use that land for a school and a parish.

Fr Vandenbussche was also a priest at Christ the King in Orlando East and both parishes were perceived as one mission at that time.

The building of St Martin began in April 1946 and the foundation stone was laid on the 15th of August 1949.

The parish of St Martin has been run by the Society of Jesus since 1984.

The following Jesuits are currently missioned to this ministry:

  • Fr Nobert Munekani, SJ

This ministry is a work of the following Jesuit Community:

St Ignatius Jesuit Community, Auckland Park

This ministry is located at:

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St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church
PO Box 103,
Orlando West
Soweto 1803
South Africa

+27 81 500 1863

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