Ministries Commission

Current Chair: Fr Leonard Chiti, SJ.

The Ministries Commission’s main function is to help in the planning of the development of our various apostolic efforts, as well as to coordinate and promote cross-sectoral collaboration across the different sectors. It also helps the Provincial get an overview of the health of the mission of the province, both within a particular sector and across the province as a whole. The commission also contributes as needed to the communal discernment of the apostolic life of the Province regarding the taking up or withdrawing from particular apostolic works as well as the planning of joint action to be taken by some or all of the sectors.

The members of the commission are:

  • Fr Joseph Arimoso, SJ
  • Fr Gilbert Fungai Banda, SJ
  • Fr Peter Banda, SJ
  • Fr Peter Carroll, SJ
  • Fr Matthew Charlesworth, SJ
  • Fr Leonard Chiti, SJ
  • Fr Rampeoane Hlobo, SJ
  • Fr Nigel Johnson, SJ
  • Fr Emmanuel Kaparasa, SJ
  • Fr Patrick Mulemi, SJ
  • Fr Heribert Müller, SJ
  • Fr Edward Murphy, SJ
  • Fr Bboloka Elias Nchimunya, SJ
  • Fr Emmanuel Kabamba Nshimbi, SJ
  • Fr Wilfred M. Sumani, SJ

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